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Harvey Weinstein was transferred to a state prison in New York on Wednesday as he begins to serve a 23-year sentence for rape and sexual assault in his landmark #MeToo case. The disgraced film mogul,

Elena lives her life very structured and even plans the days of the weeks she and her husband have sex. She likes things to.

When even people who would gladly go to a show or movie every night in spite of any crisis or decree, have the theaters,

We can’t go to the movies. We can’t go to the casinos.

It’s actually liberating to see comic book heroes act like real.

Weinstein says case leaves him ‘worried about this country’ – Harvey Weinstein told a court Wednesday that the men facing allegations in the #MeToo movement are being accused of “things.

Harvey Weinstein arrived at court in a wheelchair Wednesday for the final act of the rape trial that landed him behind bars.

It’s back to Boston for Mark Wahlberg in the new Netflix crime flick “Spenser Confidential” so you know what that inevitably.

Let her speak: Sandra was raped at work now she is gagged by the law – Despite these slurs, Sandra, now 38 and a nursing student, wants to waive her right to anonymity and speak out publicly in.

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