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In 2019, UNICEF conducted research on gender-based discrimination and neglect among children age 0-6 and the results are.

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It follows the story of high school teenagers in a British town called Moordale as they.

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The genocide of a girl child places India fourth globally in skewed sex ratios: 1000 male to 943 female Indian babies. This.

The campaign is led by members of the Indian Leadership Forum Against Trafficking.

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She’s out to save India’s missing girls using art and a digital game – questions Leena, who has developed a systematic school programme for.

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The proposal for induction of women in the corps of military police in the Indian Army as soldiers was approved last year to.

‘Missing’ was started to create awareness about girls who are kidnapped from Indian villages and sold as sex slaves around.

Sex Assamese India’s communal citizenship law – The forbears of some Assamese Muslims go back 500-700 years.