Bathing Sexy Video

In the video, one employee wearing a Wendy’s uniform jokingly says “wash yourself” to the individual in the sink. The.

Restaurant Worker Fired For Bathing In Kitchen Sink. Video Is Viral – In the video, a man is seen getting in the restaurant’s oversized kitchen sink and another man, wearing a Wendy’s uniform, is.

Video captures man bathing in Michigan Wendy’s sink, ‘it feels like a hot tub’ – In the video, a man wearing an employee uniform can be seen and heard mocking the man in the sink telling him to “wash.

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Twitter user @sp00kynugget posted a video that seems to show a person soaking in a tub full of soggy Hot Cheetos. “omg so.

For a child, a bath is an interruption from games, television and video games. For an adult.

If you think about it, we.

An employee who was caught bathing in an industrial sink at a Wendy.

“It feels like a hot tub. I’m just enjoying life,

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“Not too long ago I posted a video on Instagram where I tried on a bathing suit and then just ripped myself to shreds.