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01-12-2014 · Odessa is a beautiful girl addicted to the attention and money as an adult film star. William, a lonely mechanic, has a crush on her, and she indulges his fantasy and leads him on. Thinking he can help her find a normal life, he befriends her drug fueled bodyguard, Angry Jack, to get close to her.

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1. How Do I Tell My Mom or Dad That I Got My First Period? It's normal to feel a little shy about sharing this bit of news. In some families, talking about body stuff might seem like no big deal. With this kind of family, they might take you out to dinner to celebrate your period! Other families.

16-05-2015 · Surveillance video shows a little girl being dragged by her school bus. Police say the girl suffered road rash but is expected to recover. WAVE reports . Surveillance video shows a little girl.